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Born in 77…  From Nilgün and Mesut  

His persuasive ability is by birth, geophysics knowledge from school, smiling face comes from his sons EGE and  ATLAS...

​ ​

He always wanted to memorize the precious moments of life without missing any details. These fascinating moments are what inspires Emre the most. Maybe that is why he is in love with  photography. He is the one that lets the life flow. This motto also applies to his passion for photography to capture the moments of gratitude instead of shooting the planned poses.  His photography is a way of preserving these moments that flow through life.​ ​


He thinks that photography is not a pause mode that freezes the moment, but a communication art that captures the moment and tells stories.  And he works to reflect those MOMENTs in the best way possible.

* Face Bank - French Institute of Turkey - Istanbul ( 12 February-19 March 2015 )

* From Summer to Summer Enka - Enka Eşref Denizhan Open Air Stage - ( June-July 2014 )

* Enka Meetings - Enka Eşref Denizhan Open Air Stage - ( June-July 2013 )

* Scenes - Kozyatağı Cultural Center - ( 22 June - 12 July 2013 )

* From Summer to Summer Enka- Enka Eşref Denizhan Open Air Stage - (June-July 2012 )

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i am here :)

Ataşehir Atatürk Mahallesi, Sait Cordan Sk., 34758 Ataşehir/Istanbul, Turkey


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